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Dan Liptrott - Sales Manager and Barrie Lynam, Sales Engineer on Rospen Industries stand at the Snackex Exhibition in Vienna. 21/22 June 2017.

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Welcome to the Rospen News Page

Here you will find our latest news articles and a list of archived news articles.


Rospen Industries Latest Designs and Features

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Rospen Industries' products are famous for the robustness and high integrity of engineering incorporated within their design as well as the high quality of finish and service provided with them.
These features are embodied in all new products and Rospen has an on-going development programme to
produce innovative and constantly improved products via a well financed R & D budget.

Metering Screw Feeders Article

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The following points provide a detailed consideration relating to the design of metering feeders used in controlling the flow of powders into a process at a prescribed rate. This perspective is based on the 25 plus years of experience from Rospen Industries a leading UK company, synonymous with metering and loss in weight feeders.

Whatever means are employed to actually control the powder, certain basic fundamentals need to be assessed and understood before a solution can be arrived at.


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