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  • Bulk IBC Handling Products
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Bulk Bag and IBC Discharge Systems - Bulk Bag Handling Systems

Principle and Operation

Designed for use in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries, the Rospen range of stand alone Bulk Bag Dischargers and Big Bag handling systems are equally at home in minerals and aggregates handling. All powders and particulates are discharged in a clean, efficient manner with the control of dust emissions a key factor in all project development.
The modular design of the FIBC handling system provides the platform for a variety of standard and bespoke dischargers, from simple product drop into static bins through to the use of Rospen, metering and loss in weight screw feeders or continuous weighers. For volume transfer of product, Rospen Industries can also offer a wide spectrum of pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors and flexible screw conveyors.

The design flexibility of the Rospen Bulk Bag System also provides the ability to match the user’s down stream process requirements with the specific handling and discharge features of most types of bulk bags and FIBC’s whether lined or unlined.

Some of the key features are listed below.

  • Neck liner clamp allows fast dust free connection of bulk bags.
  • Spring mounted bag supports to transmit vibration, quietly and efficiently to the product.
  • Single arm side rigging frame allows easy operator use in catering for big bag variations.
  • Low installation height models available.
  • Range of flow aid devices such as massage petals, vibrators or flow aid bars available if required.
  • Both open architecture and enclosures are available options to suit user and legislative preferences for bulk neck bag untying.

Four strand Flow Choke closure device to allow re-tying of the neck for big bag removal.

Liner / Neck Clamp allows the operator to quickly strip the neck of an FIBC liner around a sealing tube.

Pneumatic Liner Tensioner for use on the rigging frame carrying the bulk bag.

Associated Equipment
Sack/ Box tip and bulk bag combination stations
Rigid bin and bulk bag combination stations
Bulk bag and rigid IBC filling equipment

Download PDFRospen FIBC Handling Systems PDF