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  • Bulk IBC Handling Products
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Bulk Bag and IBC Discharge Systems - Rigid IBC Handling Systems

Principle and Operation

Rospen Industries manufacture rigid IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) fill and discharge systems for use in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries in the UK and worldwide. High integrity sealed rigid bin systems have been employed on major projects handling difficult powders in weighing and non-weighing applications providing the convenience of pallet based IBC’s together with the suppression of dust emissions.

Whether using Rospen rigid IBC or Bulk Bag Handling System they can be used to complement the Rospen, metering and loss in weight screw feeders or continuous weighers. For volume transfer of product, Rospen Industries can also offer a wide spectrum of pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors and flexible screw conveyors.

The design flexibility of the Rospen rigid IBC handling system allows the use of both standard and special IBC’s.

Some of the key features are listed below.

  • Standard IBC’s, both manufactured and commissioned can be made available from 200 to 4000 litres capacity.
  • Valve options from butterfly to cone valve can be accommodated.
  • IBC construction is available in Stainless Steel, heavy duty, food grade plastic i.e., MDPE or in combination designs such as plastic bottle and stainless frames.
  • When combined with a Rospen Vacuum pneumatic conveying system the IBC fill station can be utilised as a dust/waste reclaim/ extraction system.

Associated Equipment
Sack/ Box tip and bulk bag combination stations
Rigid bin and bulk bag combination stations
Bulk bag and rigid IBC filling equipment

Download PDFRospen FIBC Handling Systems PDF