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  • Impact Flow FlowMeter
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Continuous Weighers - Impact Plate FlowMeter

Principle and Operation

Rospen Industries SOLO range of impact plate flowmeters has been designed to provide the optimum cost effective solution for measurement and display of powder flow through a process.
Operationally, free flowing material is directed onto the impact plate and then into the process stream. The measurement of the material flow is taken at the impact plate and is calculated only in the horizontal plane ensuring static material build up has no effect and there is no zero drift. The horizontal force measurement is converted electronically to a proportional flow rate signal and is continuously displayed in kg/hr.

Some of the key features are listed below.

  • Choice of stainless or mild steel enclosures.
  • Choice of stainless or mild steel enclosures.
  • Dust tight enclosure
  • No moving parts
  • Rugged design
  • Accuracy to better than ± 1%

Flow rates from 100kg/hr to 250000 kg/hr can be measured via open or closed design










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