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  • Pulso Flow Meter
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Continuous Weighers - Pulso FlowMeter

Principle and Operation

Rospen Industries, Pulso time based flowmeter is simple and precise solution for measuring the consumption of material through a continuous process. Suitable for powders, granules and even piece parts under free flow. The Pulso’s compactness will also suit, space restricted applications whilst the simplicity of installation is convenient for retrofit locations.
Operationally the Pulso is a gravity fed batch weigh hopper mounted on a weighframe and fitted with a pneumatically operated discharge valve controlled by the Rospen PLC.

Some of the key features are listed below.

  • Simple to integrate in a vertical process
  • High accuracy due to discreet weighments.
  • Suitable for continuous and intermittent operation.

Flow rates from 100kg/hr to 20000kg/hr are readily attainable

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