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  • Belt Feeder
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Loss in Weight Feeders - Belt Feeder

Principle and Operation

The general principle of Rospen Industries Loss in Weight feed system is to accurately weigh and control the output of variable products either, continuously or as a batch. As the name suggests, the Loss in Weight concept is primarily based around the application of a weigh system allied to PLC control, the outline specification for the belt feeder system is shown below.

Belt Feeder

The Rospen loss in weight belt feeder is ideal for the efficient feeding of fragile and friable products such as fruit and cereal flakes. In principle, the operation of a belt feeder mirrors the screw and vibratory tray feeder options, whereby the feeder and hopper are both mounted on a standard, Rospen low profile loss in weight platform. Apart from providing robust, state of the art equipment, Rospen share their years of experience with both existing and potential customers in determining the right feeder to suit the product and application.

  • Output Range – up to 60 tonnes / hr.

Rospen Standard Weigh Platform

The standard Rospen weigh unit, manufactured at the Stonehouse factory is of a robust design and provides for a maintenance free operation. For further details click here

Download PDFLoss in Weight Feeders PDF