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Metering Screw Feeders - Special Designs

Principle and Operation

In response to specific customer requirements across the spectrum of industry Rospen Industries have developed their successful range of Metering Screw Feeders to encompass special designs that are both industry sector and material specific. Whatever the feeder type the result is the continuous metering of all materials from flushing powders to fibrous particulate products at a constant volume to high accuracies. Based around the benefits of the Rospen, Metering Screw Feeder principle, the feeder variations listed below together with a selection of photographs typifies the experience that Rospen Industries have brought to a diverse user base worldwide.

Food Industry

Unusual configuration of metering screw feeders mounted in opposite directions on a single base plate fed via a common bifurcated hopper.

Snack Foods Industry

To facilitate the necessary cleaning between regular product changes associated with flavour applications in the snack food sector, Rospen have developed an even faster system for dismantling the screw feeder. Clip on fronts with over toggle clamps are offered as an alternative to the standard hand knob arrangement.

Water Industry

The use of a Rospen air driven vibratory cone hopper mounted above the inlet of the Metering Screw Feeder ensures a smooth and regular flow of material to the variable feed screw.

Chemical Industry

The feeder shown is a typical model that can be fitted with a Rospen standard pneumatically operated shut off valve, which isolates powders from process vessel fumes and is supplied to ATEX rating as required.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Gas tight feeder with gas purged seals and ATEX rated motors as required. Design standard for the pharmaceutical industry includes open topped downspout to aid cleaning and Makralon windows for visual monitoring of product and flow conditions.

Plastics Industry

Typically, heavy-duty configuration with 130 mm diameter twin screws suitable for metering into an extruder. Of robust construction the unit is capable of high capacity throughput.


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