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  • Centrifugal Sifters
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Milling and Sifting - Centrifugal Sifters

Principle and Operation

Rospen / Mass Measuring have a range of Centrifugal Sifters and Separators suitable for sifting powders, granules and similar materials by:

  • Controlled sieving.
  • Classifying.
  • Conditioning of bulk materials.
  • Controlled size reduction of friable products.

The high output machines operate at an efficient and effective level by allowing a continuous flow of material to enter the sifting zone via a feed screw, where product is thrown onto the sifting screen by a centrifugal action of the thrower paddles ensuring an even product distribution and effective sifting is obtained. Oversize material is collected at the oversize discharge end and sized product is directed into the fines chamber.

The Rospen / Mass Measuring Centrifugal Sifter provides:

  • High sifting rates even with small particle size.
  • Continuous oversize discharge.
  • Optional materials of construction i.e. Mild Steel, Stainless 304, 316 and on request, polished finishes to user specification.
  • Output capacities up to 60 tonnes/hr.

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