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  • Granulator Mill
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Milling and Sifting - Granulator Mill

Principle and Operation

The standard Rospen / Mass Measuring Granulator Mill is a self-contained unit with no requirement for additional attachments or modifications and primarily operates for:

  • Size Reduction.
  • De-Agglomeration.
  • Screening.

With a 360° screen, which allows product particles to be expelled as soon as the desired size is reached, it achieves high production rates and a reduction of in the proportion of fine particles and is typically used for:

  • High Speed Granulating.
  • Pulverising.
  • Mixing.
  • Chopping.
  • Shredding

The Rospen / Mass Measuring Granulator Mill is able to handle a wide variety of materials including those that are wet, sticky and heat sensitive without clogging or damage to the product.
The Granulator Mill is also suitable for mounting directly onto collection hoppers or other process equipment.

Motor Rating 3.0kw
Rotor Diameter 250mm
Rotor Speed 1400,1750,2870 or 4700 r.p.m
Screen Area 1000 ( 160 sq. ins)

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