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  • Plant Systems
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Plant Systems

Principle and Operation

Since Rospen Industries formation in 1980 they have become the UK’s leading weighing and metering specialist for powder, particulates, granules, flakes, crisps and many more brand specialised food snacks.
In that time, working with global, blue chip companies has led Rospen to develop a wider materials handling capability in a broad spectrum of industries, which has seen the introduction of pneumatic conveying systems, flexible screw conveyors and bulk bag dischargers to sit along side their traditional portfolio of metering screw feeders, loss in weight feeding and continuous weighers. As a result of the increased expertise in the broader field of powder and bulk materials handling Rospen continue to design and supply a variety of smaller plant systems such as:

  • Multi Ingredient batching and weigh system transferring product into a series of mobile Tote Bins. This was for a global supplier of herbs and spices and necessitated a plc control system, designed and manufactured by Rospen, to be fully integrated into the site central computer.
  • Reclamation of precious metals supplied in a chopped form. With the raw product and 3 additives supplied in bulk bags the Rospen designed system consists of a loss in weight feed system to an IBC for the chopped, precious metal laden flakes and a combination of screw feeders and a vibratory tray feeder to transfer the additives. By using a gain in weight system the small amount of additives including iron and carbon are added to the process IBC. The IBC is then transferred to a blender and finally to a loss in weight discharge station where, through a series of hoppers, the contents are metered onto a split discharge vibratory tray feeder and into the furnace. Apart from linking the system control function into the client’s main plant control system, Rospen also designed, manufactured and installed the 4 point, dust pick up extraction unit.

With the integration of Rospen Industries own powder handling and process plant expertise now fully linked to the design and manufacturing capability of parent company Mass Measuring Ltd, all the facets of process plant design for the handling of powders, granules, flakes, pellets, tablets, pharmaceutical products and snack foods is available from one source, Rospen Industries – Mass Measuring Ltd.