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Support Centre


ROSPEN INDUSTRIES have a dedicated Service Support Team with engineers experienced in mechanics, electrics, software usage and materials handling.

Engineers are mobile, carry spare parts and test equipment.
Liaison through our office on 0161 304 5700 ensures fast and efficient response to emergencies and operating problems. Full priority is given to breakdowns and factory line stoppages.

Specific Service Contracts are available, including:-

a) 24 hour, 7 day per week telephone assistance.

b) Six monthly system and calibration checks complete (with certification where required for Quality systems).

c) Pre-planned preventative maintenance site visits.


Service Support included repairs (mechanical and electrical/electronic) commissioning (new and re-sited machines and complete systems) and training (operator and maintenance technicians etc).

Whatever your problem is - don't hesitate to call us and put us to the test.

Please call us on 0161 304 5700